Without Warning . . .

4-30-18 broken blinds.JPG

. . . my injured left knee – that is afflicted with multiple worsening conditions including arthritis & avascular necrosis in addition to needing a knee replacement – without warning completely collapsed on me in the middle of the night while I was walking in my bathroom. I slammed forward & crashed into the blinds, which you can see in the photo are broken as a result.

What sense is to be made of such a catastrophe?

Maybe to remind me how blessed I am in OTHER areas of my life, like my incredible friendships, spectacular family including 10 nieces & nephews with awesome fun personalities, eating enjoyment, friendly church & Kindle Fire to read books on?

I’ve learned in this event to look for the good in life, not the bad, even at times like this when it’s unavoidable.

Jesus & Jeremy


A phrase unexpectedly burst into my brain while speaking to my incredibly wise pastor named Jeremy earlier today. Pastor Jeremy passed me in a room where I was visiting with my fabulous friend who at the moment was away.

Too rapidly I spoke, and that flaw in myself I am aware of, yet it doesn’t bother me for multiple reasons: 1) anyone I talk to can ask me to slow down, which I consciously will do if made aware of the problem & 2) I was considerate of Pastor Jeremy’s time (returning soon downstairs to the church-wide “family feast” event) and trying not to use up a lot of it.

Anyways, in mentioning to Pastor Jeremy the books I am immensely enjoying reading and learning from – coupled with my tendency to automatically rhyme words – in a flash I was struck with a suitable self-label:

Nerd for the Word.

“Worth Reading Every Letter: From Randy Alcorn’s novel Deception”

“God wants us to have joy . . . yet we end up searching for joy in all the wrong places, and instead we find addictions and hollowness and misery. . . 

God is so holy that He can’t allow sin into His presence. Romans 3:23 says ‘All have sinned and fall short of the glory of God.’

Because we’re sinners, we can’t enter heaven as we are. God loves us just the way we are, but He loves us too much to let us stay this way. That’s why Christ came, to change us.

Unless our sin problem is dealt with, the only place we can go is where God isn’t. . . and that’s hell. Judging by what’s said at most funerals, you’d think everyone’s going to heaven. But Jesus said otherwise. The Bible says we’re not good enough to go to heaven on our own.

How much does God love us? He went to hell for us on the cross so that we wouldn’t have to. God took on our worst suffering so we could go to heaven.

What more would you ask God to do than what He’s done for you?

 Like any gift, forgiveness can be offered, but it isn’t ours until we receive it – and we can only do that through repenting and confessing our sins and saying yes to God’s offer.”




“Lego Skates”


“Move,” the 2-year-old commanded as I inadvertently blocked her from continuing her present game of spreading Go Fish cards around the floor. “Leg!”

There I was, engaging in yet another pleasant day of nearly endless activities with my nephew of 4 & niece of 2 while their older siblings attended school & snoozing was the action of choice for their 10-day-old baby brother.

A puzzle of the entire United States, hide-&-seek in the basement where my nephew of 4 hid in the bathroom closet, the card games Go Fish & Animal Rummy, Legos where the boy used the trains as makeshift shoes & clomped on carpeted basement floor, the 2 youngsters taking turns singing while riding their black wooden rocking horse in the family room as I shot videos of them per their requests. A lot of fun was done!

Earlier when my nephew voiced his preference to play downstairs where we’d just gone to get games including Candy Land, I protested that it was too cold down there, wanting to bring the chosen toys upstairs. He wouldn’t have it. Too bad for you, Aunt Amy. The boy was unwavering in his decision to play right where we were.

Blowing off my complaints about the cold air without a second thought, the child then proceeded to divulge his own brand of mismatched deduction:

“You have long-sleeve pants.”

The End

By Aunt Amy






The Apostle “Paul calls his death a departure. A relocation. It’s not ceasing to exist; it’s just moving from one place to another. Paul knew that the moment he died he’d be with Jesus. . .

Death isn’t a hole; it’s a doorway. It’s not the end of life; it’s a transition to new life. The best isn’t behind us if we know Jesus. The best is still ahead. . .

We’re not at home in this world because we were made for a better world. The Bible calls it the new earth.”

 – Randy Alcorn’s novel Deception


Hypocrite Christians: Compelling Argument

To Ollie his friend who doesn’t believe there’s a God partly due to all-too-real Hypocrite Christians, says Jake: “Okay, suppose there is a God and Jesus really died on the cross for people’s sins. Suppose He rose from the grave and offers eternal life to everybody who trusts Him.

And suppose there really is a devil. Now, if you were the devil, what would you do to keep people from believing in Christ?”

Ollie: “Never thought about it.”

Responds Jake: “I know what I’d do. I’d get people to claim they’re Christians when they aren’t. I’d get them to do terrible things in Christ’s name.

Then I’d try to persuade unbelievers to focus on those terrible things done by so-called Christians, instead of on the wonderful things done by Jesus.

Then I’d try to get Christians to be self-righteous hypocrites who don’t care about the needy, but only themselves.”

. . .

Jake makes 2 EXCELLENT POINTS here: “. . . And I’m saying people can claim to be Christians even though they aren’t. And sure, people can be real Christians and mess up, big time.

But true, humble followers of Jesus are everywhere, and if you knew them . . . you’d be drawn to Christ.”

Winding up with Clarence then Jake: “Actually, there are plenty of good-hearted, humble, and lovable Christians . . . All the attention falls on false Christians or loudmouths or hypocrites.

But the gospel’s about Jesus.”

. . .

Jake –It makes no sense to reject Jesus because some of His followers are hypocrites. The Bible never says that to be saved you have to believe in Christians. It says you have to believe in Jesus.


– Randy Alcorn’s Deception


Parts of my life I CAN’T WAIT to be absent in Heaven – I need to vent

Lenses in my chronically dry eyes that fog up & get bubbles so I can’t see clearly to read – like just now I had to stop reading to come in from the deck to remove my cruddy lenses;

Being embarrassed by failing to see people I know due to crummy eyesight so I then look like I’m ignoring them;

Having Avascular Necrosis in 3 joints so my left hand often hurts & of course I’m left handed so rather than letting the diseased joint rest I do everything with my left hand – plus my weak right side of my body including my right hand offers no help;

Dealing with a painfully sore neck & shoulders from a recent days-lasting headache;

Tripping where my weak diseased right ankle rolls so I’m fearful of dreaded permanent even worse injury;




P.S. And no, eating a raw carrot instead of a dark chocolate bar won’t make a smidgen of an ounce of difference in my steadily declining health status because my damaged gut reacts EXACTLY the same way – in irritated hatred – to whatever I consume