God Bless Junk Food

1-28-18 Junk Food.JPG

Ya know, after not just enduring but victoriously annihilating, the human body’s limit of chemotherapy & radiation etc. that tried to beat the living tar out of me in my war against acute promyelocytic leukemia that tried 4 times to ruthlessly kill me, I hugely enjoy each & every time I give myself full allowance to indulge in whatever food I desire whenever the craving hits.

Why would you want to 1. eat super healthy; 2. deny yourself the fun of junk food; & most importantly, if you’ve accepted Jesus Christ as your personal savior so you can live eternally in Heaven, 3. try to prolong your entrance into paradise by enforcing a strict joyless diet to live in this filthy world any longer than you have to?

Recent Lunch =

coffee +

2 glazed cruller donuts +

half a bag of potato chips (but a few are pictured) +

French onion chip dip

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