Someone in Heaven teaching another about Heaven itself, in the fictional novel by Randy Alcorn (who believes that God wants us to use the Bible’s own descriptions about Paradise to imagine how life in Heaven will be) called Dominion:

He says people should expect

Ω 1 more, not less, joy;

Ω 2 that life does not “contract” but rather will in Heaven “expand”; &

Ω 3 life in Heaven to be “a continuation of life” on earth, “not a new volume, not even a sequel, but the next chapter”


“The children of God are the same characters . . . the theme is still the glory of God. You bring here the same desires, knowledge, and skills . . .

How could anyone imagine that in heaven” God “would remove the knowledge and gifts he gave us and cultivated in us on earth? How strange it would be for him to take away  the abilities he gave us now that we can finally exercise them without impediment.”


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