“Gospel Girl”

Confession: Challenging it is to spot a suitable birthday gift to send to my best friend. More often than not I choose a shirt, for 2 reasons: 1, I think the clothing is cute & something she’ll hopefully also like & 2, since I’ll be mailing it to her out of state, I can be

confident the item won’t shatter en route.

Movin’ right along. My received thank-you message post-mailing the birthday gift was accompanied by a sweet video. My friend was driving with her nephew seated behind her and to his right was my friend’s daughter, decked out with a pink shirt covered by a denim jacket & blond hair flowing past the little one’s shoulders. Her daughter of 4 & 1/2 was unashamedly sharing during their car ride an impressive description to her cousin of 3 on how to ask Jesus into your heart.

“You say, ‘Jesus, can you please take away my sins? And Jesus, can you please forgive me? Jesus, can you forgive me . . . for doing all the bad things I did? Can you please come in my heart?'” The girl’s passionate speech to her cousin continued.

The next few spoken sentences were a bit rapid. Then – “. . . That’s what I said.”

“Yeah,” replied the boy as he sat in his car seat chewing on his fingertips & listened.

“Are we gonna go on being bad? Or are we gonna learn about Jesus? . . . So can you say, ‘Jesus can you please come in my heart?’. . . Now you say it.”

The youngster repeatedly pled with her beloved cousin to ask Jesus into his heart.

In her commendable efforts to influence the little boy to receive salvation in Christ, suddenly without warning the young girl’s kind dialogue morphed into menacing. A bona fide threat. Armed with her loving heart in exactly the right place, her own mother even expressed doubt in the wise child’s well-intended albeit questionable strategy.

It’s possible her evangelism technique needs a little tweaking:

“Okay, Julian, I’m gonna count from 1 till . . .” the girl’s scare tactic was far from over, “& when I’m done counting & you don’t say it . . .”

Wait for it, wait for it!

“when we get home I’m gonna give you a spanking.”

The End

(Pictured is the pint-sized preacher in years prior.)

By Amy, 3-7-18


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