“Cotton Headed Ninny Muggins”

I was spending the day with my sister & her four children. Sounds simple enough. But get a load of this:

My niece of 2 witnessed her older brothers scuffling on the stairs & didn’t approve of what she saw unfolding right in front of her. A petite li’l thing, but don’t let her daintiness fool you for a second. She can hold her own. And she did.

If given a choice, it behooves you to not be misled by the short stature of this feisty female. And don’t you forget it. No way, no how, uh-uh. Or else. 

♦♦ Now’s a good time to shield your children from the coming content. 

♦♦ Reader discretion is advised.

The mini girl lashed out at her eldest sibling to verbally put him in his place. And whoa, watch out! Words blazing, the bone-shattering insult spewed from the lips of this teeny tot was, at her level, the equivalent of the worst of the worst. The most vicious, fervid, Herculean slam. That she knew of. Not just one, but TWO 4-letter words were utilized to get her point across.

Baby Head!



By Aunt Amy on 2-16-18

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