“Close – But Not Really”

“Why are you a Gummy Bear?”

“Because I’m so sweet?”

“Because you’re so sweet!” confirmed his mother whose son’s nickname is Bear. Minutes earlier before the “sweet” car ride, my niece, nephew & I played Legos in the boys’ bedroom him & his third-grade brother share.

The 2 16oz. mugs of coffee I drank before coming to my sister’s house caused multiple trips to the bathroom. Just like a previous time, my nephew of 4 busted unannounced & uninvited in the door. What person in their right mind wants company in the john?

“I sawed yo’ nipple!” cried the intruder. Not quite, Gummy Bear, who has a lifetime of learning ahead of him. Buckling my belt with my long shirt barely raised during the quick process actually exposed my – oh, no! – belly button. Nice try. Four hundred percent do NOT like the path where this is heading . . . Quick, change topic.

Throughout my time at his house, while his 2 older siblings worked on schoolwork & his younger sister fulfilled the role of our tagalong playmate by trailing us wherever we happened to roam, he again like many times in the past, inquired about Me. The Enigma of his Aunt Amy.

Subjects the boy before brought up include

  1. l must still be a kid even though I say I’m an adult because my parents & I share a roof;
  1. Why my mouth is dry because he says his mouth is wet; &
  1. How I don’t have any hair on my head yet I’m still a girl.

Today’s topic of inquiry zeroed in on the cane I am forced to grip ALL THE TIME for safe stepping. Dang that neurotoxicity on my brain stem causing total imbalance. How I hate that permanent stick by my left side! Anyways, my very young nephew wondered aloud again why I use it, never previously receiving a satisfactory answer, I suppose.

“Most people don’t need canes, just some people.” That’s me again attempting to get through to his inquisitive mind.

I give the little guy credit for always seeking – but not necessarily uncovering – the truth. The 4-year-old took a shot in the semi-dark about why people use canes after taking into account what he already knows about me.

Oh, I love the way his mind works to amuse.

So if you’re bald you need them?”

The End

Joey the tagalong 3-15-18

Our Treasured Tagalong

By Aunt Amy



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