“Anatomy 101”

“Hey, can you run in my room on my desk & grab a K-cup for coffee for me?”

So my sweet ceaselessly helpful little niece dashed down the hall. Anything to save me a trip! Taking too long, I thought, I began to ask my Mom to go find her. Just then the first-grader emerged. Empty-handed. 

No big deal, I thought to myself. Till she raised her right hand up from under the kitchen table to reveal a decaf Starbucks K-cup. She comes through yet again. How I do love that girl.

Sitting at the kitchen table, my niece & I sat across from each other with her grandparents also across from each other at the table that seats 4. Glancing at her beloved always-entertaining Grandma’s dinner, the girl voiced her observation of a piece of the homemade quinoa salad on Grandma’s plate.

To her honest-at-all-costs granddaughter, Grandma kindly responded, “It’s a garbanzo bean.”

The child’s indubitably unfiltered comment that paved the way for her Grandma’s so very gracious reply?

That looks like a butt.”

The End

By Aunt Amy


garbanzo butt bean.jpg

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