“The Sequel”

“Did you have an egg sandwich?” Grandpa called out to his grandson.

“Yeah I did!”

With 2 nephews & their sister over on the first half of a Saturday, it was nice to see at one point the guys interacting in the family room: the boys ages 9 & 11 & their Grandpa.

“Those look good,” my fellow-foodie niece at the kitchen table observed aloud peering down at part of my meal. “Are they gluten free?” They weren’t.

My niece sat across from me as I happily dined on a hot dog & baked beans for lunch.

“Do you know what a sous chef is?” She didn’t. “You were Grandma’s assistant chef making pecan tarts. That’s a sous chef.” The pair who always mesh splendidly had just made the dessert. 

pecan tarts

Then we got to playing a game where my niece looked into the TV screen of the small set in the kitchen; by doing so, she could see me behind her as I sat at the kitchen table. The game we created was me making different faces & playful gestures for 5 seconds, then the 7-year-old turning around & imitating what she’d just seen me do.

It worked well. Until it didn’t.

I wiggled my 2 pointer fingers behind the top of my head. I was pretending to be a member of the she-wolf pack on the return of the show “Full House” called “Fuller House.” (On the recently reborn show, Kimmy Gibbler along with her longtime best friend D.J. & D.J.’s sister Stephanie belong to a group Kimmy made up called the she-wolf pack. They howl & everything.)

After the first grader successfully repeated my actions, I couldn’t help but pose an inquiry.

“Can you guess what I am?” I surmised the girl would instantly catch on to what I’d done. But so much for me trying to be a “cool” aunt & mimic a gesture from a Netflix show the girl knows very well.

Her initial guess was wrong & the second also failed to hit the nail on the head . . .

at least I hope so . . . 

“A loser?”

The End

By Aunt Amy





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