One of the worst feelings in this whole crappy world is the simultaneous feeling of hunger

& the


that results from being so hungry.

I hate it! I feel it right now at this very moment & I’m trying so dang hard to exercise self-control to avoid larger outbursts following recent mini ones earlier today that I’m already guilty of.

This sucks.

– written by me laying on the living room couch on February 20, after just days prior  hearing that story of the U.S. Olympics women’s gold-medal winning snowboarder sending out a message while in South Korea during the Olympics that she was “hangry” because she didn’t finish her breakfast sandwich

2-20-18 HANGRY

FOOD UPDATE: 75% – 6 out of 8 pepperoni slices (only half are pictured) –


a Wendy’s chocolate frosty

happily made their way into my belly a couple hours later!


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