Comedy Courtesy of Cairo Clancy

Starting off by saying he’s bothered by ‘prosperity theology, this health and wealth gospel,’ Pastor Cairo Clancy tells a story:

He asks the Lord, “What’s a million years to you?”

The Lord answers, ” . . . Only a second in time . . .”

The man then asks the Lord, “What’s a million dollars to you?”

It’s only a penny to me, son,” answers the Lord.

So the man then asks, “Okay, Lord, how ’bout you just give me a million dollars?”

Sure, son,” the Lord answers. “But you’ll have to wait just a second.”

And I love this quote’s end:

“If you think God promises great wealth and perfect health here and now, you need to go back to the Bible and let God pop you upside the head, you hear me?”

– paraphrased & quoted from Randy Alcorn’s insightful novel Dominion


Full direct quote from Pastor Clancy in the novel following delivering the joke to his congregation:

“Now the point is, God’s gonna give us great gifts, treasures beyond our wildest dreams, but that doesn’t mean he gives them to us here and now. Faith is trusting God that he’ll come through later, in the world to come, there and then, not just here and now.”

***The whole lesson here from the novel reminds me of a verse that gives me much hope. 1 Peter 1:6 says, Be truly glad. There is wonderful joy ahead!


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