“Ride ‘em . . . COWBOY!”

Lauren, 7.JPG

“What are the kids doin’?”

“I bought him a book on paper airplanes so he can do that right now,” my Mom answered about her 9-year-old grandson.

Right before that his first grade sister along with him, played a lively game of Pictionary with my Mom & me.

“It’s really funny when people draw things and you try to guess what it is,” I urged my nephew, trying successfully to stomp out his initial hesitation in joining us.

Eventually the boy deserted us girls – his sister, my Mom & me – to direct his attention elsewhere. Okay. Girl time’s fine, too.

So my quick-thinking Mom suggested being the sole drawer in our game since the teams were no longer evenly split 2 versus 2. She’d draw for me to guess & she’d draw for her granddaughter to guess. Being the most skilled sketcher of us all, with me her idea was A-OK.

The young girl’s turn came & she began guessing what she saw her Grandma draw.

In a failed effort to assist, I even chimed in although I wasn’t supposed to. “Rodeo?” “Horse?”

Looking at the picture, blurted from her little lips came a guess showing she was definitely on the right track – but the youngster just couldn’t for the life of her bring to her bright mind the correct ending part of the word in question.

Yee-haw! To her credit, she came pretty darn close.



1-20-18 Cowboy in pictionary

By Aunt Amy



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