I received a text from my cousin January 22 in reply to mine that said “Leaving now” to give her a heads up that I was on my way over. For the second time, I was joining her along with her incredible 3 young sons for an afternoon of fun & laughter.

Quite impressive it was when the oldest boy, 5, showed me his extensive Lego collection. What a builder! The skillful boy pointed out dozens of tiny pieces he was using to construct his next project. He didn’t even mind one bit when I accidentally broke a creation of his. The good thing with Legos is that you can easily snap pieces back together. 

Cute it was to watch the youngest, upon awakening from his longer-than-normal nap probably due to the earache he was fighting, snuggle tightly on his Mommy, comfy & content to the max.

“I’ll bet your feet are ticklish,” I told the 3-year-old after he squealed when I tickled his tummy. He assured me they weren’t though.

“Can I have one of your feet?”

So the brown-haired boy stretched out his foot. I lightly grabbed his ankle in pursuit of my “tickle-tryout.” It worked! He started giggling.

I promised my cousin earlier I’d email her my fantastic banana muffin recipe after seeing 2 bunches atop her kitchen table that sparked a conversation.

“I’ve heard that if you separate each banana they won’t all ripen at the same time.” Yep, girls can talk about anything.

But let’s bring it back to the initial texting of the day.

The texted reply before my eyes left me stumped. As a chronic reader, I take pride in my ability to use tenable common sense to decipher most abbreviations I come across in novels. I surmised the second term in her 2-word response was referring to me in a variation of the word “sis” because we weren’t quite sisters but close to it? Nope. Does the word “system” have some special meaning in its abbreviated form that I don’t know about? No one knows everything. I racked my brain for a phrase the acronym could represent. Nada.

Till my Mom behind the wheel during the short distance to the house of my cousin revealed to me the 3-syllable mystery.



By Amy




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