And 4 Golden . . . 1-Liners!

12-5-17 Sent to me were a bunch of these, here’s the final four worthwhile to read:

⊕ 1. “The task ahead of us is never as great as the Power behind us.”


⊕ 2. “We don’t change the message, the message changes us.”


⊕ 3. “The best mathematical equation I have ever seen: 1 cross + 3 nails =4 given.”


⊕ 4. “The Will of God never takes you to where the Grace of God will not protect you.”

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Cookies 1-17-18.JPG

So I purposely moved around the kitchen, avoiding glancing at the counter where my Mom was making scrumptious-to-the-nth-degree chocolate chip cookie dough in plain sight.

My thought was, if I pretend like I don’t see it or care to see it or talk about it, she’ll interpret that as indifference & – Voila!! – leave the silver bowl of cookie dough unattended to chill in the nearby fridge. Where I would, when she left the room, swoop in for the kill – my foolproof plan was to quickly jab a silver spoon in the bowl to snag me some o’ the good stuff. Delectable raw chocolate chip cookie dough.

I waited. And waited. Then, as expected, all was clear. So I opened the fridge & uncovered part of the foil over the silver bowl of homemade chocolate chip cookie dough. Man, there’s nothing that makes me happier than devouring on a big spoon a hefty hunk of chocolate dough!

Only problem was, when I stealthily made my move & stuck the spoon into the container to retrieve a scoopful, I failed to feel the thickening texture of the hard cookie dough under the foil. Unbeknownst to me, my equally clever Mom picked up on my unsaid idea & under my radar had slipped the cookie dough covered with foil safely in the fridge. Downstairs.

The soft mushy contents of the foil-covered silver bowl I opened up? Homemade lentil soup.

Mom 1.

Amy – A big ol’ fat goose egg.



By Amy




“20 Questions”

With a look of resignation, the boy returned the Star Wars

item to the shelf. Until it was discovered to be on sale. Then

he happily left Kohl’s with his new toy after leaving school

early for a dental visit. Then . . .

“I’m gonna get three-fifty,” my nephew announced after

mentally calculating the amount of money he’d get from

returning cans at Kroger. Brainpower continued . . .

“You just blew it!”

Because I asked him if the animal was a predator and earlier

I’d already asked if it ate other animals. He caught me.

No surprise there.

My 9-year-old nephew & I were playing the game “20 Questions”

& like always, the sharp youngster was on fire. (Turns out the

animal was a cheetah.)
Next came his turn where the boy had to guess something with wheels

(more specifically, I chose a standard kid-sized regular object with

wheels in his realm of knowledge). Inquiries posed included ‘Is it electronic?’;

‘Does it need fuel?’; & ‘Does it use batteries?’. More common things like cars,

buses & motorcycles he quickly ruled out. Unsurprisingly, the third grader arrived at

the answer after USING ONLY HALF of his allotted questions.

“Could it come in any size?”


“That just saved me 3 questions,” stated the thorough thinker. “I could have

asked, ‘Is it big?’, ‘Is it medium?’, ‘Is it small?’”

So, Mr. Intellect has done it again.

“Is it a wagon?”


The End


By Aunt Amy, 11-28-17