EXACTLY 4 of My Views, Too – with THE BEST Saved For Last

§ D.L. Moody said in his final illness, “Soon you will read in the newspaper that I am dead. Don’t believe it for a moment. I will be more alive than ever before.”

 § Then I read this that I have to share because I agree 150%. “Death is not an end. It’s a transition. Death dissolves the bond between spirit and body. Ecclesiastes 12:7 says, ‘The dust returns to the ground it came from, and the spirit returns to God who gave it.’ Death is simply a doorway to another world.”

§ And Goals

 In This Challenging Life

 In This Imperfect World

are Important, Right?

Mine is to live like these words in chapter 5, “in light of eternity.”

§ Most Fascinating Concept OF ALL – “Let’s read our own obituary . . . as an onlooking angel might write it, from heaven’s point of view. Let’s examine it carefully . . . let’s use the rest of our lives here to edit that obituary into what we really want it to say.”


  • Taken from Randy Alcorn’s 5th chapter of his insightful novel Deadline

Heavenly Humor Etc.

ppp 046Laughter, Perfect Laughter, in Heaven is described here as:

“Not like the response to a joke’s punch line, where there’s a moment of delight before returning to a world of burdens, but the spontaneous laughter of sheer joy that shows no signs of stopping, uninhibited by the dark cloud of stark reality.”

About leaving earth & Entering Heaven:

“Today’s inadequate goodbye in this place would be followed by a wondrous hello in another.”

– Chapter 4 of Randy Alcorn’s “Deadline,” the first novel in a 3-book series


Nosebleed Etiquette

Well-equipped am I to offer helpful tips on proper action to take with a nosebleed, since back in my cancer-fighting years I had nosebleeds frequently, my longest clocking in at a bloody 24 hours.

  1. DO NOT tip your head back because then the blood runs down your throat.


  1. Keep your head upright to let the blood flow out of your body.


  1. Pinch & hold the top of your nose to help stop your nosebleed.


  1. Lastly, have many rags/washcloths/what have you, available to change frequently once they’re soaked with blood.

“The Fowl”

“Elephant. Where’s the little fish?” Grandpa asked his youngest granddaughter who turned 2 a mere 4 days prior. The duo was flipping through an animal book with the teeny girl contentedly on the lap of her cherished “Papa.”

Another special moment –

“Hop like a bunny, 1-2-3! Hop like a bunny, 1-2-4!” cheerily sang Grandma as she led her 3 grandchildren, who had followed her into her room, down the hallway toward the kitchen.

And later in the evening let’s not forget this endearing encounter:

“Bye,” I announced to my nearby niece. “I’m about to go in my room & eat my dinner.”

The six-year-old had climbed onto a kitchen chair to talk about the potatoes & sausage I made for dinner. Turns out, we both enjoy syrup with breakfast sausage, ketchup on dinner sausage & also potatoes.

My goddaughter stared at me with a monumentally bewildered expression once I delivered the following statement that included a term in a context with which the child was unfamiliar. The subsequent inquiry of the young girl was thus 100% justified:

“You’re the coolest chick I know!”


The End

***I indescribably love how she jumped right into my arms the very instant I told her that I needed a photo with her!

By Aunt Amy on 11.18.17