“Miss Morph”

book 10-11-17

“So he’s in his meeting clothes,” the boy responded matter-of-factly upon me telling him that Grandpa was working, knowing without a doubt in his mind it must be true. For right after I entered his house yesterday behind my Mom, he wanted to know where his Grandpa was. Aunt & Grandma were accounted for.

“He’s in his home office.”

“All Dads go to work.”

“”I know, but some Dads work from their house in their office,” I explained to my curious 4-year-old nephew. “And he’s in his around the house clothes – he goes out to work too & wears meeting clothes (side note: “meeting clothes” is the little guy’s term for business attire).” 

Two of his other siblings were conversing upstairs at a different time. 

“I’ll make your bed for a week,” my third grade nephew offered his younger sister in his efforts to show her kindness.

“You don’t need to do that!” replied his considerate & loving sister. 

I was over to help my 1st grade niece advance her reading skills. I opened my mouth to speak but was halted straightaway by my dry raspy throat. Instruction promptly burst forth from the young girl, 27 years my junior, to oust my quandary.


So I did. And in an instant my rumbly throat was cleared.  

Suddenly – SHAZAM! – I couldn’t help but feel, especially upon hearing her encouraging job-well-done tone that followed, that the tables had turned & now

I was the child & my 6-year-niece had in fact (momentarily) morphed into the adult role:

“There you go!”

The End

By Aunt Amy

















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