“Dunkin’ Grown-ups”

So earlier today while playing, my nephew, 4, & I discussed big kids & little kids.

What does he think of me as? I wondered. So I asked him, curious to hear his reply. (To my young – around his age – nieces & nephews, in their limited life experiences, all they know is that a child, not an adult, lives with their parents. Therefore in their innocent eyes, I am a kid since my Mom, Dad & I share an address.) . . . Although it looks like maybe they’re comin’ around to see me differently.

“What am I?”

It’s funny how kids hear things that sound like something they already know of so that becomes their reality. 

“You’re a donut.” 

♦♦♦ Lost In Translation is Alive & Well: Thanks to the translation from his older sister, I now know that in saying “donut” the little boy actually meant similar-sounding “grown-up.” ♦♦♦

The End

By Aunt Amy







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