“The Converter”

It all started with the skivvies. By my nephew. And oh, did I mention that he’s a mere 4 years old?

“Look at my ball with underpants,” he invited me to see. Indeed, the toy bouncy ball was small & red with underpants pictures plastering the outside. Presently, in the year 2017, why in the world is a boy his age using the term “underpants” when most other kids just seem to call them underwear?

“It’s from Captain Underpants,” explained his third grade brother when I brought up the subject. Oh, another character I knew nothing about.

More kids, more tales . . .

“She’s doing a really good job acting ’em,” commented her 8-year-old grandson at his dining room table about the neighing horse sounds that galloped our way. He was doing math problems & I sat next to him. Many addition problems he calculated in his head & his sharpness impressed me time & time again.

My nephew & I overheard my Mom aka his Grandma, making pig & cow sounds too a room away while animatedly reading a story to her granddaughter of 1. Next comes her grandson of 4 who is known for

his unique nickname;

his dashing sense of style: “meeting clothes” he calls business caj, & just last night I heard from his Dad that his young fashion-conscious still-learning son calls his bow tie, or bow  – just what it looks like to him – a “bone” (Awww!) &

most notably his distinctive lovable accent – Although some utterances are best understood by his immediate family who most frequently hears the adorable youngster speak. Evidence #1:

“He says he wants a taco & I don’t know what that means,” reported their doting albeit befuddled Grandma to his older brother while her & her grandkids were snacking in their kitchen. Caring & thoughtful as she was, she clearly sought to avoid asking the little guy she misunderstood to continually repeat himself & make the situation possibly overflow with unease.

Not a taco was in sight & no one within his earshot or otherwise had even brought tacos up in conversation. So what WAS he saying???

Faster than a speeding bullet, Captain Converter zoomed in to the rescue!!!

Quickly Clarified His

Older Brother

On The Double

To End The Trouble:

“He wants a cracker.”

The End

P.S. Pictured is Captain Converter in his early years, obviously in some sort of on-the-job training, learning to Convert . . . Food into a Face Mask?

By Aunt Amy



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