“The Son”

Harrison 10-1-17.JPG

“Let him win,” she whispered in my right ear after we decided on an impromptu dance-off.

Aunt Amy’s chances flew out the window & she wanted to know why her niece of 6 favored her little bro of 4:

“Because he’s the best!”

Can’t really argue there . . . Moving on.

“Hey stop that, you’re gonna hit your head and get hurt!” I exclaimed as we played a tickling game where the boy jumped on me while I sat on the couch, & then rescued him from falling by a great dose of tickling to the point where the boy shrieked happily with giggles. He even reassured his alert aunt that he wouldn’t get hurt.

Previously the li’l guy & I played with warrior characters in a game on the living room rug. (Hence the shot of the youngster utilizing my cane & a flashlight to retrieve under the couch a lost figure.)

Later on all of us hung out in the family room. All = my parents, 2 nieces, their brother, & me.

6:30 rolled around after our game of “I Spy” around the kitchen table as “circle apples” – called that due to the way Grandma slices them for her beloved grandkids – were eaten, & while we engaged in a few activities in the family room at once including babysitting for 3 dolls & placing different shaped colored blocks through the correct space through the container’s blue lid. It was then that a particular inquiry arose.

“When is my Daddy coming?”

I was curious, especially given the fun times we were currently enjoying, why my young nephew of a mere 48 months wanted to know.

“What do you like so much about your Dad coming to get you?”

I figured that since the evening had arrived, the recently-turned 4-year-old possibly just wanted to go back home because there’s “no place like it” right? I was taken aback by his reply. To describe the remark as unforeseen wouldn’t do it justice. 

For the words that tumbled from the little guy’s lips couldn’t have tugged at my ticker Any Harder, as he remained blissfully unaware of the sweet reality in his precious life he’d just divulged:

“He’s my best fwiend!”

By Aunt Amy


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