Throw-Jack Thursday

“His name is Jack,” announced my niece as we pretended we were camping in her bedroom. The infant boy doll that we cared for at our campsite needed a name but my suggestions were rejected. I just don’t know why. Accompanying us were her older & younger brothers & younger sister. The littlest sister of 1 quietly played along.

“Can his middle name be “in the box”?”

“What box?” she asked.

“Like Jack In The Box,” I explained to the wholly-not-impressed 6-year-old.

“Of course not,” and without a moment’s hesitation I was shot down.

“Don’t worry Aunt Amy,” assured the boy of 3. “I got this in Puerto Rico.” The thoughtful youngster was intentionally calming my initial concern over our playing in the darkened bedroom – in order to fulfill their shared desire to reflect a true camping experience – by showing me his orange frog flashlight.ORANGE FROG 001.JPG Soon after that the subject was somehow broached of babies. I think it’s because either we played with baby doll Jack or as of June 16 we have a new baby boy in our family.

“I want my Mom to have 2 girls,” declared my niece. Then her massively musical older brother chimed in. His astounding memory allows him to hear a song once & already have an impressive grip on repeating the lyrics; plus the boy’s got moves. Thus, no surprise to hear:

“I want 3 more boys so we can have the Mies 5.”

More good times were born as my 4 adorable nieces & nephews & I continued to play our combination camping/spying trip. My eldest nephew opted to spy so we did that first. So the 2 oldest children & I sprawled on our bellies while gazing intently out the large bedroom window as we scoured the land for any sign of movement. Next, hearing my clever niece one up her older brother was quite comical. Victory came with her surprise response.

Said my niece: “See, there’s somebody out there.”

“Where?” immediately inquired the 8-year-old who took his spy game very seriously, unknowingly plummeting feet first right into her trap.


The End

By Aunt Amy


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