Laying It All Out There in ‘Edge of Eternity’ by Randy Alcorn – 79% through

The important thing to grasp in this section of the novel is where it says that Heaven & Hell are the “high stakes” that “give meaning to life” in this world where we currently reside.

⊕ “Death is every man’s final signature on his life’s self-portrait.”

 “The roads men choose in the beforelife lead to

infinite joy or infinite misery in the afterlife,

to surpassing glory or surpassing tragedy. 

Everyone you pass on the street will one day

be a creature of unimaginable greatness or unimaginable horror.”

God the Great . . . Comedian (in this case)?

Proverbs 16:9

In their hearts humans plan their course,

    but the Lord establishes their steps.

The comedy comes when you switch out the final word in this verse to read that the Lord has actually established (caused by neurotoxicity on my brain stem causing total imbalance) my stumbles.

Walking is one blessing to be thankful for – I’m lucky to have the support of amazing friends like Leah here!


“Caffeine Chromosome”

“Fantastically DELICIOUS Scones! What a great breakfast I enjoyed thanks to you.” followed with a purple heart emoji, was the text I sent my Mom after being treated with 2 of her scrumptious homemade scones for breakfast that morning.

My Mom was away meeting friends for morning coffee. With different friends from all walks of life, she’s never at a loss for some fun company. A Cup O’ Joe in hand, I do believe, aids just about everything in life to run a bit smoother.

Not alone was I, as along with the scones a 16 ounce black Bubba mug holding iced Dunkin Donuts caramel-coffee-cake-flavored coffee was perched to my left. Soon the mug’s contents would be swallowed & replaced by a second cup, this time Tim Hortons decaf.

Never can get enough of the good stuff. But I’m beginning to think that sort of behavior runs in the fam . . .

After returning home & readying to exit my bedroom following a quick chat, my sweet Mother apparently failed to see the obvious irony in her final statement that whacked me in the face like a hard-hitting 2X4 – 

Did she not JUST COME BACK from having the Very Same Thing???

“I’m gonna go have some coffee.”

mom pic.PNG

The End

By Amy


Learning Is My Thing


The novel Edge of Eternity by Randy Alcorn, where a man named Nick Seagrave faces “undeniable evidence of a spiritual world” & “must finally consider the God he claims not to believe in,” taught me 2 great lessons that are no-question worth sharing just while reading today at a point that’s a little more than halfway through the book:

◊ Referring to life’s challenging journey, says character Shad, “Momentary ease isn’t the answer. The daily hardships of the road sharpen and deepen the man.”


◊ Character Nick (a man whose wife & children left him because he wasn’t there for them as a husband & father), who is just learning about the immeasurable value of following the path of Jesus, talks to men who don’t believe in God. “All men die once, are judged once, and are relocated once.” One man counters by saying he’s bothered by the “wishful thinking” he thinks people have who follow Our Creator & “pretend” there’s a Heaven.

Nick is traveling on a challenging excursion where the bad parts, including a flying beast & scorpion, mentioned in the place he’s visiting are representative of evil things making life hard, along with the “chasm” as a symbol for deciding to make the monumental life-altering leap for the better, which is changing your life’s direction to live for Christ, Who paid the cost for people by dying in brutal unimaginable pain as a sacrifice for our sins. He gives a response I love:

Nick says: “Wishful thinking? If I were to wish for something, do you think I’d have wished for a flying beast so deadly, a scorpion so horrid, a web so hideous, a chasm so vast, a cost so great? Never in a million years would I have believed or wanted to believe such things. I would have wished for something easier, and if I had made it up, it would be a lot more attractive and a lot less costly. But the universe isn’t governed by my wishes It’s you who practice wishful thinking.”

Nick further explains by saying the man believes in no God so he can “make up” his “own rules and get away with it,” not being “held accountable for your choices, that you wouldn’t have to answer to someone after this life. You wish there was no creator because you don’t want to face a judge. It’s not my belief that’s wishful thinking. It’s your unbelief.”