“The Art of Smart”

Not all occurrences have to be humorous to be story-worthy for this word-loving aunt. Memorable or impressive events are fine by me!

“He’s running circles around Amy,” the boy’s doting Grandma reported to his Mom on the phone as she listed off her grandson’s activities & referred to the current game we were playing.

“All right your turn!” my nephew instructed me. We were occupied by a bored game (& yes, I intentionally called it a bored, not a board, game). Participating in the dreadfully dull game, I felt like I was playing Bamboozled with Ross, Chandler & Joey. Just like our “Friends,” I had not a clue what I was doing.

“Do you know what the class clown is?”

“It’s the kid who plays jokes & pranks,” he replied.

“That’s what I feel like,” I confessed. I was utterly lost trying to play “Zooreka” for the first – & ONLY I hope – time with my sharp nephew. My interest was pretty much immediately nonexistent in the long-winded game, although I feigned enjoyment for the sake of the eager little guy.

Based on his plethora of intelligent comments throughout the day, I asked him at one point during his visit how he didn’t forget all the things he learned in his last school year during these summer months, but instead clearly remembered so much to carry over into upcoming grade three.

His reply? “It’s an impossible question to answer.”

Evidence of lingering school lessons he’s learned: Earlier, the youngster picked up my Kindle Fire to play Car Chaos but saw writing on the screen. I knew what he was thinking so I assured him, “Don’t worry, it’s nothing I was writing, those words you saw are a book I’m reading.” (“Camino Island” is the latest addictive John Grisham page-turner.) From previous instances, the boy knows I don’t want anyone to see what I’m penning until it’s complete.

Continually astounded I am by the consistently shrewd child, who not only absorbs the information presented to him but retains it furthermore, a mere 34 days shy of turning nine.

“All I saw was a bunch of conjunctions like ‘and.’”

The End

By Aunt Amy


Ryan 8-22-17.JPG


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