“Red, White & 8”

“Aunt Amy, what kind of shake do you want?”

I put in my order to my sweet 6-year-old niece & – BAM! – a few minutes later a banana/vanilla ice cream shake was delivered to me on the deck. Before mine came to me though, my niece & her 8-year-old brother joined me on the deck with their vanilla shakes. The 4th of July day was just as a glorious summer day should be: really warm, really sunny, & really fun with the addition of some excellent children. The 3 of us got to talking around the picnic table.

I asked the boy, “What’s your favorite part of having a little brother? You already have 2 older brothers, so what are the best & worst parts about having a younger one?”

The worst part, which he immediately chose was the newborn doing #s 1 & 2 in his diaper, was discussed first. I’ll skip, however, right to my nephew trying to figure out the best part of having a little brother. Clearly still armed with the vocab he picked up in the last school year, no school forgetfulness over the summer affected this ace student. “We need an antonym for that,” he stated in reference to the worst part.

“Just put a ‘no’ in front of it,” suggested his bright little sister. His sister’s idea struck him well. And so he did, & that was that. (But not before saying a favorite part is holding the baby too.)

After those 2 left I turned my attention to the latest kids who popped over, my 2 nieces & 2 nephews of my second sis.

“Whaddydadydoo?” my other 8-year-old nephew asked, cracking us both up to the core as we stared at each other during fits of uncontrollable laughter at his obvious word flub.

The boy’s intention was to say “What do you do?” as I tried to help him access Pokémon stuff on the laptop in my living room. His computer chair swiveled as more intense giggles erupted with each passing second which meant another mental replay of the sidesplitting speech mix-up. My oldest nephew of the bunch holds interests that extend beyond Japanese cartoon character cards though. The 3 oldest kids, their Grandma & I engaged in a game of doctor.

“Hey what in the world?!?!” Grandma shouted in desperation as the boy of 8 seemingly deserted his latest medical case. “I’m sick!”

Continuing his exit, the clever “doc” shut her down quicker than a charging cheetah.

“It’s my day off!”

The End

By Aunt Amy on the 2017 Fourth of July, our nation’s 241st birthday

playing doctor


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