“Ain’t Dat the Truth?”

Harrison, 3, on 6-7-17

“Aunt Amy!” my 3-year-old nephew called to get my attention. That was a hard thing to do because all 4 of my nieces & nephews over that day were playing different things outside – like tee ball, spraying the hose, dribbling a basketball – at the same time. My attention was divided.

The boy continued as I turned & listened. “When we were at the hacienda . . .” & went on to tell me something, I’m not quite sure what, about his recent trip to Puerto Rico. Try as I might, I sometimes have to just pretend I understand what the chattering youngster is saying.

My oldest niece & nephew, 6 & 8, set their creative minds in motion. Putting an orange measuring cup on the tip of the hose then pressing the lever so the water shot the cup through the air, was one exciting activity that was fun for me to watch them enjoy.

At one point I sat on my driveway in a folding chair, cheering on my 1-year-old niece trying to hit a plastic baseball from a baseball tee standing on the grass. It’s important to speak uplifting words to little ones so they grow up with self-confidence. So I did. Her brother of 3 had yet to learn that lesson, however, as he was also at the tender age where praise was imperative to help his attitude towards himself remain positive. Thus . . .

“Good job!” I exclaimed to my youngest niece, intentionally dismissing the fact that her teeny whack failed to hit the ball even a single inch across the yard. Instead the tiny swing from the tiny girl merely knocked the ball off its stand so it dropped to the grass below.

Thank goodness she was too young to understand the words her big brother, also watching, blurted! The 2-years-older boy stuck with the best policy. And “honestly,” we all know what that is.

“Dat’s awful!”

The End

By Aunt Amy on June 7, ’17





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