“Blue Bloods”



Life isn’t fair





– Tom Selleck’s character, New York City Police Commissioner Frank Reagan, speaking to his granddaughter on “Blue Bloods” in the sixth episode

 (Thanks to my sister’s recommendation, I just started watching the

fast-paced attention-grabbing show on Netflix.) 

I love this photo because it’s my first day of college & I’m wearing the camel  J.Crew bucket hat Sarah bought for me to wear instead of my standard baseball cap . . . & I could smile!

“Oh Happy Day!”

Bonnie 6-19-17.JPG

Bonnie & I never had any intent to pillage,

 Today we obeyed all laws at Dearborn’s Greenfield Village.

We spotted an old Oscar Meijer wiener automobile,

Breaking out in its song spontaneously was our deal!

Kitchens of old we viewed, stoves of the past,

 As well as ancient planes not so modern-day fast.

Also we rode in an old fashioned car, & went then

To the tavern lit by candles to reflect times way back when.

Bonnie pushed me in my wheelchair & boy, it was not easy to get

Into the general store to spectate a throw-back frontier skit. Bonnie June 19, '17

The carousel we rode as it spun, & then we

Caught a film to sit & watch in glasses, 3-D. Bonnie carousel

What prevented our next riding of the antiquated train,

 Was inclement weather, specifically rain.

But all was well, the day was grand,

Sealed with hot coffee in each happy hand!Bonnie T.Bonnie June 19


The End

By Amy on 6.19.17