Delve into Twelve – “The Sender” Similarities

Was it worth it?” is a poignant question the writer of the anonymous letters who calls himself “The Sender” asks Charlie, referring to Charlie’s life-changing battle against Acute Promyelocytic Leukemia (Side note – That’s the Same Kind of cancer I fought). He’s asking if everything encompassed in the cancer journey was worth it. The good & the bad.

If I was going to answer that question, I’d have to say what was worth it is nowadays being able to share my story of survival & faith to (hopefully) encourage, help, & relate to people. Every life faces hardships of some variety & we all need to be lifted up. But the physical part – aka the negative sometimes very stressful side effects I face 24/7 –  will always haunt me. It sucks.

A few pages before the book’s conclusion, I like the talk “The Sender” gives in his letters about being twins. “Human nature” is “to be of two minds about things.” He continues “We are all twins. The one that intimidates. The one that has self-interest in mind. And the one that wants to help other people beat a disease. There’s the one in us that wants to love strangers. Give to charity. And there’s the one that wants to judge and gossip. Which twin emerges when you lose? . . . Well, the twin that emerges is the one you feed. . . Feed the right twin.”

And on the 3rd to last page comes a good line –

“You may feel like being bitter, but you have to choose to be better” –

for us all.

The End!

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