Here’s the thing: “The Sender” Similarities PART SIX

The thing is, I’m posting as I’m currently daily reading through “The Sender,” so expect several more posts since my dry eyes limit my reading amount.

One chapter I read today shared my thinking as well. The idea in the letter from “The Sender” in the 21st chapter is that instead of dwelling on your Condition, focus on your Position. Specifically, the anonymous friend sending letters of wisdom, insight & encouragement who called himself “The Sender” to Charlie, was saying think about the positives in your life – including Charlie’s wife, 2 daughters & football players – rather than your disease.

Similarly, my strong commitment to schoolwork was the Position I focused on throughout my years having a cancer Condition. What I’ve learned in hindsight is that looking ahead to success truly can immensely influence battles you are fighting. That’s not to say you won’t meet challenges, but obstacles are easier to overcome if you don’t give in to them & don’t give them the power to make you defeated or depressed. Attitude does affect outcome.

In the middle of leukemia treatment, & like “The Sender” says, focusing not on my current cancer Condition but more positively, mostly on my schoolwork/student Position



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