“True Friends are Hard to Come By” poem aka a Fitting Addition to today’s earlier post that mentions me writing this

Few friends stay close, most drift away far.

This trial shows you who your true friends are.

Many people call at first, they think that is enough,

But many stop calling when the going gets tough.

At first they visit and bring food, cards and flowers

And they sit and they chat for a couple of hours.

But you keep getting sick, not improving at all

And you notice that lots of people no longer call.

A true friend knows that they don’t understand,

But their presence is precious, they always lend a helping hand.

True friends never let you feel sad or alone

And continue their visits and their calls on the phone.

True friends always show that they care.

True friends, unfortunately, are rare.

When a person is there for beginning, middle and end,

You know that you have found yourself a true friend.

The End

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