And 5 Golden . . . “The Sender” Similarities

Good news, friends, today I hit page 100, so I’m nearly halfway through the book! Chapter 17’s page 96 gave a reality check. “It seemed to him that the reason people didn’t like talking to sick people is that it was just too real: nobody had anything they considered worthy of the magnitude of the moment and were afraid of saying the wrong thing. And all the sick person wanted was for someone to show up.” That is the reason that many years ago during cancer treatment I wrote the poem “True Friends are Hard to Come By.” People you thought were friends stop contacting you as you keep getting sicker & sicker & time drags on; they drop like flies. The cancer battle weeds out the lousy supporters you thought were friends & brings out your True Friends & Relatives. Jessica is a TRUE FRIEND through it all!!!!

Here, when I was 14, my short hair was growing back after my 1st 3 rounds of chemotherapy. (Little did I know that “Chemo Curl” was coming!)

Chapter 18’s 2nd to last sentence describes me, too. After Charlie learns the lesson from “The Sender” to be a blessing to others rather than looking for your own blessings, the book says “With this steel he would build a life committed to showing people how to win the game of living. In that moment he became something new.”

I’m thankful to be reading this book because the above quote reminds me that I need to use my life that was spared from a cancer fight I should’ve (based on doctors’ opinions & statistics), most definitely lost, to be a blessing to others. My goal in life should not be to better myself, but help better others. Like “The Sender” wrote in 1 of his letters to Charlie, keeping your eyes open while you look for opportunities to be kind to & bless others, will train your mind to regularly think that way. If only I could keep that thought daily! The Bible verse that I try to live by, upon learning that life has obstacles everywhere for everyone, is 1 Thessalonians 5:11 which says Therefore encourage one another and build each other up, just as in fact you are doing.

I hope to use my God-given life, which I try to share freely on my blog, to be a source of encouragement to people.

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