4th Piece of “The Sender” Similarities

Yup! Here we go again. Chapter 16’s opening lines couldn’t ring any truer: “The week crawled by and the chemo was making Charlie sicker by the hour. By Friday he could barely lift himself up off the bed and felt the worst nausea and fatigue of his life.” I’ve been so sick with chemo that it was too painful to lift a tissue. A tissue. Furthermore, the reason I slouch 24/7, resembling a hunchback I suppose, is because innumerable – hundreds if not thousands – hours were spent of me in adjusted-to-an-upright-position hospital beds, so my neck & shoulder muscles grew accustomed to the slouched forward position. (My chiropractor advised me to sleep on my back to correct this condition, which I find impossible because I sleep – that is, if I sleep at all because my permanently damaged-from-cancer-drugs bladder produces urine All Day & yes, ALL NIGHT, too – best on my right side.)

 Extra tidbit just for . . . Fun? I don’t think so: The medication I tried after visiting the urologist last fall, in hopes of improving my bladder situation to prevent me from having to use the bathroom every couple of hours EVERY NIGHT NOW – eeeks! – failed miserably to help and instead gave my poor gut an unbearable horrific condition that forced me to discontinue its use. And before that the med that it was paired with further weakened my already compromised eyesight. Hell on earth.

***That’s why I love the part in Randy Alcorn’s book “Heaven” where he says if you’re a Christ follower who’s accepted God’s gift of salvation, then the worst things we endure here on earth is the closest we’ll ever get to hell; on the flip side, the closest unbelievers will get to heaven is the happiness they experience here on earth.***

Also on page 91, Charlie perks up a bit when he received a letter to read. Likewise, my mood always got happier whenever I received news (several times it happened) in my hospital room that I’d won another academically-based college scholarship. Therefore there IS for sure truth to the cliché that says “Laughter is the Best Medicine.” A little joy goes a loooong way, I’ve found, improving both your spirit & your body.


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