Collage of Cool

Why didn’t the toilet paper cross the road?

The 9-year-old aka every parent’s dream in their eldest son – a caring bright boy who keeps a fiercely protective eye on his 4 younger siblings – shared the joke at dinner.

The answer he told came after all of us steak-eaters (Side note: at 33, it was my very 1st steak, & the T-Bone, thanks to my extraordinary friend Jessica’s well-executed preparation, was delicious, so THANKS JESS!!) were sincerely stumped.

Because it was afraid of the crack.

The boy who’s a few days away from turning 7 exercised an excellent example of obedience by helping his marvelous Mom sort through old school projects, drawings & such. His ambitious sister of 8 follows in her Mom’s footsteps, or “finger-steps” rather, by tickling the ivory to make joyful noise. Nice children around every corner – Lucky parents!!

Fellow avid-reader Aaron gave me a book called “The Sender” to read, which was terrific timing because I had yet to begin another page-turner since wrapping up my recently published Jeffrey Archer novel.

“I want to hear your opinion,” he told me. “He fought leukemia, too.”

“I’ll read it,” I replied to fantastic father Aaron, “but at a leisurely pace since I read other stuff, too.”

Being labeled as fantastic, however, does not apply to him alone. Fantastic is the way Jessica guides her children on their individual Christian walks. Moments like these always Take the Steak. 😉

Just because a person acts in a bad way doesn’t mean you should, too. Always honor Christ with your actions, is one type of wise lesson I heard the mother teach the youngsters who adore her.

Truth be told, I glean a lot from every lesson Jess teaches her kids too! Despite her words aimed at her young offspring, my within-earshot self also comes away a bit more prepared to take on life’s happenings.

Finally, the boy of 5 took on life in a playful way, all the while doing a fabulous job of looking out for his little sister.

The daring duo took turns hurling themselves through the air from a black rectangle kitchen stool onto the bouncy beige couch. They even went so far as to catapult themselves while their heads were covered with blankets!

“Don’t jump backwards or you will fall.” He was advising his 3-year-old sister how to play safely in her long & thus  potentially a tripping hazard light blue princess dress.

In reference to him jumping backwards, I couldn’t help but chuckle upon hearing next his invincible-cuz-I’m-a-big-boy mindset. The matter-of-fact delivery – quite comical to listening adults like myself, yet totally serious to the child actually saying the words – was spoken with an air of the highest confidence:

“I’m fine cuz I’m 5.”

The End

By Amy 5-8-17


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