“My Niece is the . . .”

To me there’s nothing better than a nice kid with a cool personality. And my beyond nice, energetic & entertaining curly-haired niece effortlessly slides the “person” into personality.

If only I could boast of having such pizzazz at her young age of 6! Over for a (thankfully long because she’s such a joy) visit yesterday, one segment of her stay found her dancing amidst the random craft items scattered around our kitchen while crooning “Oh, oh, oh, oh, oh!” – the famed “Hangin’ Tough” decades-old ‘New Kids on the Block’ tune.

“I’m Bob,” declared the active youngster while performing a bunny play after designing a colorful cardboard box theater with her adored Grandma. The creative kindergartner practiced in front of me while I ate a late dinner. “Hi, I’m Knolla” & a bit later “I’m Selena” were more made-up bunny characters engaged in an Easter Egg Hunt.

“Pea soup!!! I’m going to get some!” The always-enthused eater never missed a chance to help Grandpa polish off a plate. Never ceasing to joyfully bounce all around the house, she happily made a beeline downstairs after I made a comment about where & what someone she loved was doing.

Come to think of it, I can’t bring to mind 1 single unbecoming aspect I know of about my darling niece. Wait, she’ll even unknowingly assist me in ending this short tale.

One point of the girl’s visit caused this comment of mine – “That’s the bomb!” – to be exclaimed, but I’ll now use the spunky sweetheart’s immediate 2-word reply to

complete this story’s title AND tag her spunky self

in 1 fell swoop:

Bomb Diggity!!!

The End

By Aunt Amy    4.13.17


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