I Talk the Talk, but I don’t Walk the Walk

 Physically speaking, that is.

There was a time, in the not so distant past, when neither of my legs was in proper working order. Try getting around facing that daunting reality.

The knee on the left with Avascular Necrosis decided to become severely weak to the point where I relied at different times on my 4-point cane, walker with tennis balls on the 2 back legs for easier quieter rolling, or computer chair on wheels in my house to gain mobility. The right leg was in the midst of a very slow recovery from my disastrous Wednesday, October 12 fall – or more specifically, catastrophic crash – on hardwood floor.

2 recent disastrous falls + slowing down = Time For Reflection

Reflection to remind myself never to take for granted the abilities I maintained despite the fall,

like sharp hearing & a bright mind

& also the abilities I am blessed to use every day when my legs are in working order,

like mobility using my 4-point cane & rising & sitting painlessly.

So friends, let’s all Slow Down – in doing so, out of physical necessity, I realized that a pleasant slower-paced life is actually how we were created to spend our time in this world in the first place. Think about it: God didn’t create our lives to be lived at hectic stressful paces. There’s reason for that cliché about stopping & smelling the roses – we’re supposed to always do just that aka live an enjoyable & meaningful life.

It’s All About

P + P

which =

Living with a thankful


in a peaceful slower


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