The Worm

“I was overconfident,” I explained to my nephew, 8, the reason I accidentally crashed cars playing “Car Chaos” on my Kindle. The game involves tapping cars to speed through a 4-way intersection to avoid colliding, hence the name of the game.

Yeah, overconfident,” he readily agreed with me during our competition, “so overconfident you looked at me while you were playing!

Boom! One day not very long ago, a year or two perhaps, the youngster opened his mouth & told of what he knew, & we in the family were all taken aback at his vast repertoire of knowledge.

Continuing on to today, the way my 8-year-old nephew’s brain can make connections comparing 1 thing to something wholly different, is astounding. He’s figured out things in school that defy expectations & absorbs learning like a sponge to water. No doubt, upon squeezing, the boy probably oozes instead of tiny droplets of water, little nuggets of knowledge.

Today was scaled down from the school stuff he knows to activity he does.

I asked him what sports he does now, thinking maybe he did basketball, baseball or karate.

Swimming,” he replied, which reminded me that he took swimming lessons Monday evenings along with his two-years-younger sister. He then described to his listening aunt that the butterfly stroke is the current task at hand:

Do you know what the dance the worm is?

I love the way his ever-expanding mind works.

It’s like doing the worm on water.

Doing “The Worm” on land

The End

By Aunt Amy



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