Eye Got This . . . well, actually not the eye part

Are you thankful for your body’s different abilities? I am.

Step 1. As evidenced in these photos during a tear production test at my annual cornea specialist check-up today, my dry eyes fail miserably, like every year since I’ve suffered with chronically dry eyes, to create a single tear to push the things from each eye. To make things worse, I had to endure a highly dreaded eye exam where I have to read what I can see from different charts; like I’ve said in the past, this is a nightmare for me that I truly hate because my dry eyes become foggy and never stop moving long enough for me to call out what my negatively affected vision manages to spot. 

Step 2. After a quick early 6:30am breakfast, a 9:45am Trader Joe’s meat stick snack is in order, since food is necessary to prevent an eruption of stressful gut issues.

Step 3. My orthotics left wrist cast needed due to my wrist injured from Avascular Necrosis resulting from effects of damaging cancer drugs, lasts approximately 6-8 months until a new cast is required.

Step 4. LEAVE because you’re done with your appointments, by exactly 12 minutes after 10 o’clock in the morning, but who’s counting?

Step 5. Be thankful for:

– despite dry eyes with cataracts, 2 functioning eyes allowing me to see & read in everyday life.

– although permanently swollen & injured causing recurring pain & weakness, a left wrist that still bends for me & works adequately enough for what I need.

– a magnificent Mom who sacrifices her time & energy to take me to my appointments.


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