“Pre-Rain-Powerfully-Pouring Playtime”

“Man, my cards are magic!” came the overjoyed exclamation of my 7-year-old nephew after winning 100% of our Pokémon contests. The game we played outside on his patio table on the unseasonably warm February afternoon consisted of seeing which of our Pokémon cards in each match inflicted the most harmful “damage” on the other; I think “damage” might be the number on the right side of the card but I’m not even sure. But I am very good at nodding as if I know what I’m doing. “They made you paralyzed, burned, AND poisoned!”

I’d explained to the boy how I was paralyzed with facial paralysis (from the dreadful effects of cancer treatment, although there was no reason to bring up the causes of it at the time); burned, because I explained how I fell asleep with a hot water bottle full of boiling hot water & got 3 burns on my lower left leg; & last but CERTAINLY NOT LEAST poisoned, because of the 60 doses of the poison arsenic I was given at age 17 to try to combat my 2nd of 4 leukemia relapses.

Throughout all of our playtime (my nieces & nephews & me) engaging in things including the games Memory & Candy Land, spontaneous singing, & watching workers from the large front window doing their job in the middle of the street, my nephew of 3 never once stopped making sure his little sister of 1 was safe & sound. Brotherly love in abundance.

Earlier in the playtime my older niece gave me stickers & then offered to put the paper they were from onto my face to look like a mustache. (See picture.)  Soon after, I ate sliced apple I’d brought. Introduce again my niece. She’s 5 & right on point just like her brothers.

These children continually amaze Aunt Amy with their outstanding knowledge, aware of countless famous people, age-appropriate world happenings like the election of our new president, & common or well-known phrases as well. See?

“Do you like apples?” my sweet niece innocently inquired of me as I munched on my organic Gala standing to her right.


“How do you like dem apples?”

The End

By Aunt Amy on 2-24-17

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