Can’t Catch a Break

Right now I’m suffering from many non-contagious very unpleasant symptoms. The joys of being a person affected by cancer treatment side effects: no immune system to speak of. No defense against germs or anything causing ills.

(For the above reason, I just cancelled my plans today & will most likely end up canceling future plans with friends too.)

No one is to blame but it’s very hard to try to have a positive attitude with all this crap thrown at me. (That’s why I love seeing my nieces & nephews, to get a fun break.)

I was never told years ago at the time, the risks or possible outcomes of fighting my fourth relapse with leukemia. My current harsh reality is a lifetime of never-ending ills. I don’t even think the docs knew what could happen to me, since I was their first ever patient to survive after undergoing years of cancer treatment torture. It’s not good.

For that reason I’m taking an undetermined-amount-of-time break from my blog. I need it. Please pray for me-I need that even more.

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