The Retort

My Daddy’s here! One second!” she excitedly yelled to me, and in a heartbeat her Lego pieces dropped to the table. Then a second later I hear my niece of 6 happily squeal “DADDY!” as she greeted her fabulous father in the next room briefly before returning.

We were playing together on my birthday, & I could think of nowhere I’d rather be at that moment than building at my dining room table next to my darling niece after her day of school. She chose what to build.

“Gross, you’re making a McDonald’s?!” said her older brother with disdain in his voice after entering the room & sitting to my right. “That’s disgusting!”

Due to his strong big-brother influence, his younger sister knocked over a lot of what she’d done so far in her creation. But spunk’s never lost on that girl, no way!

Aunt Amy will go so far as to admit that a sound of respectable volume exited through her lips. Oops!

Not very long after, the 6-year-old girl in my presence did the same. Looking straight at me, an unwavering twinkle in her dark brown eyes, she wasted no time in delivering her raised-voice retort:


The End

By Aunt Amy on the date of my 33rd birthday

My sweet niece cuddled on me - in quieter times - 6 years ago

My sweet niece cuddled on me – in quieter times – 6 years ago

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