“On the Double”

 “We don’t have lunch,” he protested to me perched at his kitchen island next to his big sister on a wooden stool. “We have food.”

Little ones fairly new to spoken language have yet to know what a synonym, aka a word with a similar meaning to another word – like in our case, the terms “lunch” & “food” – is. That explains why my clever nephew of 3 argued with me about our references to the homemade midday meal. By the way, thanks for sharing Sis, the healthy dish was delicious!

Also during my visit to play with my amusing & adorable nieces & nephews, the young one’s antics weren’t surprising. His Mom & 2 sisters were upstairs preparing to make a trip around town. While they were otherwise engaged, he ripped off his diaper while his older brother & I looked on.

“It has pee!”

“Here, put it in the trash,” I instructed the active toddler.

Again, not one single person, much less a bright little boy whose verbal skills are still on the rise, is aware of EVERY word out there.

So, in his world, the sweet & smart youngster corrected Aunt Amy on the proper thing to do.

“We have to put it in the garbage!”

The End

By Aunt Amy



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