Born Without Hip Sockets

Incredible is the story that I read Saturday, November 26, 2016, about a sports-loving father envisioning his unborn son to eventually walk onto the field to play college football. Born without hip sockets among other severe health problems, the father’s dream for his son is 100% extinguished because the boy’s chances of ever even walking, much less diving into sports, are completely eliminated.

But, the son grows & his father does see him moving onto the football field – being wheeled by none other than the father himself, as a member of the college marching band!

What did the father learn – which, by the way, is an excellent thought process we should all try to empoly?

I had to choose to love my son the way he was. And I had to choose to trust God. To trust that what seemed like the abandonment of all my dreams was in fact their utterly unexpected fulfillment” (November 2016 issue of Guideposts magazine).

This touching story speaks deeply to me because until cancer entered my life at age 13 & ended up completely ruining all my future goals & plans, I can now see, reflecting on this story, how each plan of mine was in fact answered by our Almighty God in His Own Time & Unique Special Way.

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