“2 (Definitions) for the Price of 1”


By Aunt Amy


“You can sit here!” offered the kind boy, scooting over without a moment’s hesitation to make room for his older brother. Then our 2 seats became a bench for 3, with me on the left & my 2 awesome nephews on my right.

We sat next to a large fish aquarium at a Chinese restaurant waiting for our takeout dinner of “Vegetable Delight,” in addition to 2 spring rolls for me to accompany the undoubtedly delightful dish.

The 10-year-old boy played “Family Feud” on my cell, with me & his younger brother helping by calling out possible answers.

“What’s another word for hot?”

Reading the answers flipped over after the buzzer sounded, we learned that the game was searching for synonyms including “scalding” & “scorching.” Rather than a more dated definition, however, that a person with more years under their belt might employ, the 8-year-old opted for a more modern meaning of the word.

 The sharp second grader swiveled his head to the left to face me sitting next to him. With an impish grin spread across his little face & again with no hesitation, he blurted his acceptable-in-many-cases-in-today’s-society answer.


The End


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