“Two Sweet”

One) The young boy was scrolling through the games on my Kindle Fire & found the one that involved sticking a needle into you-know-where.

“Aunt Amy!” exclaimed my 3-year-old nephew as we sat on his white cozy living room couch Friday around noon. “A butt!”

Two) A little bit later as I sat next to his older brother & listened to his descriptions of a binder of his Pokémon cards, he had a question for me to follow up the one I’d just asked him. I had wondered if his orange & blue-colored Pokémon cards of the same name were related.

“What’s related?”

So I explained how he was related to people in his family, like his uncle, but not his friends at school. I followed up my answer by quizzing my bright nephew about people in his life related & not related to him, & wasn’t shocked to hear the 7-year-old ace every inquiry posed to him.

Before that, from our spots in the living room we could hear his Grandma, my artistically talented Mom, making crafts with his little sister & brother in the kitchen. She was currently instructing the children how to correctly work with glue. That sparked my oldest nephew’s spot-on memory of a previous encounter he had when he ate the sticky substance.

“Why did you eat glue?”

“I don’t know!” he exclaimed before continuing with a reply surely similar to the thinking of many youngsters. Their taste buds, I suppose, can’t help but sample what must appear to them as gooey white goodness, because I’ve seen his cousin years ago do the very same thing at a restaurant with sour cream.

Kinda makes sense.

“It looked like ice cream,” he explained. “It looked good.”

The End

By Aunt Amy


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