Things that Might’ve Happened in Florida This Week

I Might’ve . . .

1. Tripped horribly, which would have been disastrous to my still-recovering-&-sore-from-my-October-surgery entire body, Tuesday night exiting the Chinese restaurant

2. Eaten freshly caught fish for the very first time (since I was given no choice & had to eat tuna casserole as a child – which I hated so much that my sister’s good friend at the time would come over for dinner just to witness my wails of agony), which confirmed my lifelong preference that I do not like to dine on anything that was once swimming in the sea

3. Ordered 1 of the best juiciest cheeseburgers I’ve ever had at a place called Joey’s

4. IMMENSELY Enjoyed a vacation making magnificent memories with my ultra-cool sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephews & parents

5. Mistakenly worn my underwear, thankfully for only a few minutes, around the condo in front of my parents before looking over & realizing that although my swimsuit top was already on, my swimsuit bottoms were still draped over my beach towel on the couch

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