“Changing the Face of Beauty” Photo Session

 The “Changing the Face of Beauty” event I attended Saturday after accepting an invitation from my friend Julie, was in a word: Remarkable. Why is that, you ask? Let me give you 5 reasons:

. . . Because the photography event seeks to enlighten people with their goal to enlarge people’s limited definition of what they personally define as beautiful, through viewing different photos of different people, focusing today specifically on beauty found in people like me who have disabilities. (Although mine is physical, people with mental disabilities were also present.)

. . . Because through talking with Barbara, my friend Julie’s wonderful boss, & telling her “I don’t feel like the term ‘cancer survivor’ is an accurate way to describe myself because I’ll be fighting side effects from cancer treatment for the rest of my life,” Barbara came up with an excellent much more fitting attribute to use to describe myself: “cancer endurer.”

. . . Because Ivy, who obviously Hugely Adores her longtime nanny, Julie, & I got to devour hot dogs, which Julie avoids but happily suggested a motto for me: “Life is short, eat hot dogs!”

.. . . Because I visited Santa Claus, whom I intended to just stand next to, until Jolly Ol’ St. Nick invited me to sit right on his lap.

. . . Because I got a chance before I left while discussing photo uses & conditions with friendly photographer Jen & kind Barbara, to add for the SOLE PURPOSE of shocking the nice women (both of whom never met me before & therefore didn’t expect at all to hear the following statement blurted from this polite bald girl with a 4-point cane – which, by the way, made their loud reaction that much sweeter), which ultimately made them both howl with laughter: “I’m good with nudity.”

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