An apple a day wouldn’t work (to keep the doctor away) since you’re already a doctor, so here’s a Banana!” read the message I wrote on 1 side of an index card a couple hours before meeting my all-time favorite physician, otherwise known as “Dr. Yanik the Great,” yesterday afternoon at U of M Hospital . . . No, I’m kidding about that last part, but he sure is great!

Waiting with my spectacular Mom for Dr. Yanik’s John Hancock:

So, the card was attached to the stem of a banana, as a thank you for a signature I needed from him. The funny part is, Dr. Yanik said something like, “We’re not supposed to accept gifts from patients, so I’m going to document receiving this banana.”

I never in a million years thought that the banana would take on such significance!

No wonder it’s my favorite fruit. 🍌 

⇓ Eating my usual treat riding home from U of M Hospital: 2 cups of their nutrition room’s chocolate ice cream!

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