Why Am I Not Surprised???

 Amusing tidbit, due to my extensive health history as well as current hospital experiences, to make you chuckle: My urology surgeon just called me to report that she has good news.

YEA!” I couldn’t help but immediately exclaim. “Good news from the hospital!!!!” (As you may guess from my highly enthusiastic reaction, for me that kind of call from a doctor is a rarity.)

All your tests came back normal,” my doctor said. “You don’t have bladder cancer.” Phew!

And she continued with unexpected information, “During the surgery Tuesday one of the nurses got splashed with some of your fluids, so we had to follow protocol.”

I waited to hear what she followed that up with, but wasn’t particularly concerned since I partake in no harmful to my health activities. Reflecting back to my childhood, my wise mother regularly told my sisters & me, “Your body is a temple of the Holy Spirit.” aka Be respectful & take good care of your God-given body as best you can

So my kind surgeon ended her statements with a confirmation I never worried about but was pleased to hear nonetheless, although these 2 conditions were NOWHERE EVEN REMOTELY NEAR my spectrum of health concerns.

The rib-tickler ridiculous part was, I wasn’t at any risk for either of those to begin with.

You have no hepatitis or HIV.”

Thanks, good to know???

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