Table for 5

It’s not every day that you’re lucky enough to enjoy a FABULOUS lunch time with such incredibly awesome people such as Michelle & Ricky & their 2 sweet children pictured here:

And I purposely say lunch TIME, not lunch itself, because what a great early afternoon we all enjoyed

chatting &

sharing &


And speaking again of the adorable children, thanks to Maya for letting me hold her (she’s laughing, not crying) ⇒

I’d have to deem each member of this family as, in a word, REMARKABLE. Note to Michelle: I usually consume many more calories than I did earlier, but due to my immense happiness at seeing you, my mouth preferred to talk rather than eat, but don’t worry, I’ll make up for it 🙂

Have any of you out there heard the line that says “It’s not happiness that makes us grateful, but gratefulness that makes us happy“? Put me down for that, please, with an order of smiles on the side.

(And in case you wondered, which I’m quite sure you didn’t because how would you have known, Michelle & I aren’t waiting another whopping


to meet again!)

Me = Flaws Aplenty

Lord, it is so hard to

always honor You

with my behavior,

especially considering my

plethora of human flaws

(including reacting to a situation

before thinking it through –

specifically the consequences).

Thank you for

everyday forgiveness.

Help me to forgive others as well,

as I try not to

“drink up evil like water”

as I read today in Job 15:16b.



Things that Might’ve Happened in Florida This Week

I Might’ve . . .

1. Tripped horribly, which would have been disastrous to my still-recovering-&-sore-from-my-October-surgery entire body, Tuesday night exiting the Chinese restaurant

2. Eaten freshly caught fish for the very first time (since I was given no choice & had to eat tuna casserole as a child – which I hated so much that my sister’s good friend at the time would come over for dinner just to witness my wails of agony), which confirmed my lifelong preference that I do not like to dine on anything that was once swimming in the sea

3. Ordered 1 of the best juiciest cheeseburgers I’ve ever had at a place called Joey’s

4. IMMENSELY Enjoyed a vacation making magnificent memories with my ultra-cool sister, brother-in-law, niece, nephews & parents

5. Mistakenly worn my underwear, thankfully for only a few minutes, around the condo in front of my parents before looking over & realizing that although my swimsuit top was already on, my swimsuit bottoms were still draped over my beach towel on the couch

buon Natale!

Just 4 of the Highlights from last night, in no particular order:

Katherine’s scrumptious homemade stuffed shells Italian dish

Everyone greatly enjoying each other’s company during our Italian-food themed Christmas party

Squeezing – TIGHTLY!! – together so we all fit in one big shot

Loud Laughter & Fantastic Fun surprises during our white elephant gift exchange

SPECTACULAR Singing!! . . . me, not so much ;/

There never was a clearer illustration of the idea “Stick with what you’re good at.”

Below are mini clips from my cell from an entertaining Christmas concert I attended Saturday featuring a few of my very vocally talented friends:


You’ll hear at the bottom how I enjoyed participating in the crowd sing-along, but more than that, you’ll notice how I desperately need to stick with what I know,

and that is Writing,

definitely – I’m confident you’ll agree – NOT singing (although it’s clearly tons of fun to try!).


Life flies by quickly, so Just Stick with what you Enjoy & you’re Good at!

Thankful for My Tongue

Today as I am in the midst of battling another difficult health struggle, which is sadly worse than I though it would be (Don’t Ask), I am very thankful for what?

To be an adult daughter living with her parents – “Why?” you ask:

Because the biggest perk living with my Mom is getting the tasty privilege of dining on her freshly baked goods RIGHT FROM THE OVEN!

Today’s treat was homemade

date-walnut muffins!  (And try not to take life too seriously since nothing in life is ever perfect or even comes close to it.)