20 Questions

♦ Man, does it ever let up?

♦ Didn’t I just have surgery last month?

♦ Did I mention the outpatient urology surgery removed 3 ulcers from my bladder?

 ♦ Do you know I have a condition called nocturnal polyuria that causes me the need to use the bathroom almost a dozen times each night?

♦ Do you know what I just mentioned in the question directly above this one is happily controlled with nightly medication, so I’m thrilled to finally have restful REM sleep?

♦ Which one of you guessed correctly that the first thing I’m going to eat since being unable to consume anything since last night due to this morning’s surgery, is an 8″ Italian sub from Jet’s pizza?

♦ Have you surmised that the hospital gown I had to wear this morning was drafty like always?

♦ Have you noticed in the first video how grumpy & tired I look, which I attribute largely to the very early hour in which it was recorded?

♦ Do you know that apple & then grape juice were my first post-surgery beverages?

♦ Is it weird to hear that a guy similar to playing the role of a recovery nurse assisted me to the bathroom shortly after surgery, then helped me rise from the toilet after I yanked the emergency help string to the right of the toilet because I was – & still am at this very moment – groggy & unsteady from the effects of anesthesia?

♦ Who knew I have to return in 6 months for another urology appointment?

♦ Did you guess that I got a brand new pair of blue hospital socks that I love because they have grippers on the bottom to make walking safer?

♦ Who knew I luckily had an almost painless IV poke from my surgery prep nurse?

♦ Would you have also declined a heated blanket like I did during waiting time on the hospital cot prior to surgery?

♦ Do you also have an incredible Mom who accompanies you to doctor appointments?

♦ Did you know I had to pee in a sterile cup in the hospital bathroom before surgery?

♦ Who would’ve known one of my doctors was a friendly second year resident?

♦ Did you know that I wrote this in my car driving home from the hospital?

♦ Did you know I was told to don one of those funny-looking blue hospital hats for surgery?

♦ Did you know my pre-surgery heart rate was elevated a little bit?




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