Brace Yourself – I’m Diving into the Deep End

 From a visiting teaching pastor at my church the morning of November 27, ’16 are a handful of his memorable lines in quotes:

◊ “God calls us to a life of worship, not a day of worship.”

I love this one! ⇑ Making the point how we as believers need to make our faith a serious part ingrained deeply into every aspect of our lives, he said, “Consider Christianity like marriage commitment. We (the church) are the bride & Jesus Christ is the Bridegroom. Therefore, unfaithfulness is infidelity.”

♥ “Jesus LEFT HEAVEN to PURSUE a relationship with us.”

Easier said than done, believe me, I know. ⊕ “Love the unlovable.”

To illustrate the point that God is everywhere, can see everything, & we work harder when we know we’re being watched: † “What if you saw God as your Boss?”

My favorite sentence! ↔ “One of the best ways to give thanks to God is by obeying Him.”

Pretty funny ending part: θ “We have the best retirement package.”



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