Fond of Friendsgiving!

  To the tune of “Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer”

You know Luman & Sapna & little Luvina,
You know of Mark & Terry & Tyler & Joy too,
But do you recall
The Temby Friendsgiving for all!

Twice I’ve been blessed to come here,
Here’s a bit of how it goes:
Tyler, I met, & did sit
With Joy as we shared “fowl woes.”

All of the other people
Allow me to share some names:
Luman, Mark & Terry Temby’s
Kindness made me glad I came.

I met Chase who talked with me,
Lynn tried salsa, ‘kay,
Tyler’s Grandma’s a delight,
We talked of life & pie, that’s right!

I can’t detail every happening, ‘Twas COOL to see Stephanie, 
And when Luman held out cheese near,
Oops, I thought it was for me!

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