Ticking Time Mom

“Can I play on your Kindle while it’s charging?” inquired the polite boy. Upon my quick approval he ran to my room & unplugged my 38%-charged device from the wall behind my nightstand before plugging it into an outlet by the tall lamp in the living room.

“Will you sit by me while I play?”

“Sure,” I was more than happy to oblige. “As soon as I finish my dessert.” It was Thanksgiving, after all, & boy was I thankful for my trio dessert of:

 1. Uncommonly known but VERY delicious homemade concord grape pie,

2. 2 scoops of vanilla bean ice cream &

3. Quite a generous serving I scooped for myself of warm & comforting homemade apple crisp made with extra topping.

My amazing Aunt Marsha →  & cool cousin Kealan →  were among the marvelous group of 15 family members & friends who settled around my parents’ lovely table to help celebrate the holiday overflowing with increasingly early “Black Friday” deals despite being only the fourth day of the week (JC Penney opened at 3 on Thanksgiving to get a jump start on Black Friday shopping!).

“I think we’re gonna be here really late,” commented my nephew.

“Why do you say that?”

“Because she’s talking.”

My 10-year-old nephew was relaying to me the reason he thought his family’s Thanksgiving visit would extend a while longer.

“So she’s like ‘We’re leaving in 5 minutes,'” explains the boy who, only in his first year of double digits, already wisely understands what is actually a similar declaration of many, if not most, likably talkative mothers (mine included) quite often: “Then we don’t leave for 2 hours.”

The fabulous family left our house just before 10. Thankful, I hope, to exit with full happy bellies & even fuller happier memories.

Cuz it’s not Thanksgiving without an excess of food ideally accompanied by an equal excess of terrific turkey times. Gobble, gobble.

The End

By Aunt Amy, Turkey Day 2016


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